May 19, 2008

How To Handle Back Pain During Pregnancy

Nobody enjoys back pains...

Pregnancy back pain during some stage of pregnancy is practically unavoidable. It is estimated that 2/3rds of pregnant women will experience back pains by the 36th week. As the baby grows larger, more pressure is placed on the back to support the mothers growing abdomen. The babys position in the womb can also contribute to back pain. There are several other factors that can bring on back pain in expecting mothers. Stress and over exertion can also be major factors, besides being unhealthy for the baby. While most back pain resolves itself several months after giving birth, some back pain can be prevented altogether. Now wouldn't that be even better?

Hey, Take it Easy!

Make time for frequent breaks and get plenty of rest. This does not mean that you have to become a couch potato, but you should take more time to rest and relax. Put your feet up, grab a cup of decaffeinated herbal tea and take it easy now and then. Try to lie down once in a while and, if at all possible, try to minimize activities that put stress on your back. At work, do not sit for too long and while you are sitting, place a pillow behind the small of your back.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise can actually help with back pain and can help to strengthen the muscles in the back. Yoga is a great exercise for this purpose. Walking is great, but you need some strengthening and stretching exercises as well. Ask around to see if there are any pregnancy exercise classes and pregnancy yoga. If classes are not your thing, you can find several pregnancy yoga and pregnancy exercise DVDs. You should check with your doctor first before doing any exercises.

Eat Right

Eating healthy and eating right can work to your advantage in several ways. First, eating healthy will help you from gaining additional weight. The less extra weight you are carrying, the less pressure you have on your back. Second, healthy eating helps your body ward off illness and actually helps it deal with pain more efficiently. Finally, drinking plenty of water will keep your kidneys working properly, which can create another type of lower back pain. Healthy eating is better for you and better for your baby.

Find a Pregnancy Girdle

The term, "pregnancy girdle", has an ominous sound, but it can be a pregnant mothers best friend. It is designed to be worn under your clothing, much like a traditional girdle. The difference is that is supports and lifts your stomach so that pressure is taken off of the back. You can pick up a pregnancy girdle at many maternity shops. Maybe you can suggest that someone get you one for the baby shower.

Monitor your Stress

Stress alone can cause lower back pain. Try to relieve your stress, even if it is for just a few moments daily. Set aside 'mommy time' on a daily basis so that you can decompress, relax and refresh. Take a warm back, meditate, listen to soothing music, anything that helps you relax. You'll be surprised at just how helpful just ten minutes a day of this activity can be in relieving your stress.

Spencer Hunt is a wellness consultant who has used glyconutrients to help clients with Alzheimers, diabetes, Lupus, or to just have more energy He has even worked with people with cancers such as Lung Cancer, Prostate Cancer, and Skin Cancer (Non-melanoma).

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