Dec 25, 2007

The Healing Power Of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a form of massage technique that is based on acupuncture points whereby pressure is applied to these particular points with finger, palm and thumb as opposed to acupuncture needling. In Japanese, the literal translation for shiatsu would be "finger pressure" and that's how shiatsu got its name.

If you study shiatsu before, you will know that this form of massage is actually an art form that uses the power of yin and yang, Ki energy and the five elements of Japanese culture. All these elements and energy when manipulated correctly can effectively eliminate any pain or illness from your body.

Shiatsu is commonly used for curing physical dysfunction and relieving pain such as back pain which are so common in adults. It is believed that most physical symptoms of pain are usually caused by the lack of blood circulation in the body. Did you know that shiatsu can also be used to treat emotional problems too?

During a shiatsu massage session, the patient receiving the massage for back pain should lie down on his/her belly on a firm and comfortable surface such as a firm bed. Essential oils are also used to help relax any tense muscles during the back massage. These oils will help soothe any skin irritations or inflammations. They will also help ease the pain by penetrating and desensitizing the irritated nerve endings.

In short, if you want to reduce your daily stress or cure your back pain, shiatsu massage is your best choice because it's not only natural but also highly effective. Be sure to only allow an experienced shiatsu practitioner to give you a massage so that you won't experience any unnecessary pain on your skin and body.

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