Jun 7, 2007

Bikini Waxing 7 Reasons Why You Should Have One

By Kelly Price

Summers upon us and the bikini’s will be out so its time to consider the advantages of pubic hair waxing the two most common are the Bikini wax and the more extreme Brazilian wax.

For a woman with a lot of pubic hair, a bikini wax has advantages when wearing a thong, string bikini, or other skimpy swim suit or any other revealing lingerie. Your bikini line is smooth and attractive – This is not the only advantage though and in this article we will look at all the advantages in more detail.

Pubic waxing history

It’s certainly not new and has been around for thousands of years and women were waxing in ancient Greece, Persia and India just to name a few countries where women engaged in waxing.

The procedure

To perform a bikini wax, a waxer applies warm wax to a woman's pubic area; places cloth strips on top of the wax, and then removes them when the wax hardens by pulling the cloth strips off the skin taking the pubic hair with it.

Often a small thatch of hair is left above the vagina unlike the Brazilian wax where all the hair is removed so if you are a wax virgin the Bikini wax is less daunting

1. Hygiene

One of the main reasons for considering waxing the pubic hair region is not vanity but it’s hygienic. Pubic hair can get moist and hot and attracts germs this can lead to bad odors and a variety of skin irritations.

Shaving off the pubic hair will dramatically reduce the risk of these problems occurring in the first place.

2. Freedom

Skimpy bikinis, tight lingerie any clothing that is revealing in the pubic region can be worn with confidence without the embarrassment of unsightly pubic hair being revealed.

3. Its Sexy

Women have reported that orgasms can be more intense and oral sex more pleasurable after waxing and men simply love it and the overwhelming majority find it sexually attractive.

4. Its Not Expensive

Today a Bikini wax treatment at a salon or spa is not just for the wealthy. With the rise in the popularity of people waxing salons are offering it as a standard beauty treatment and prices have dropped dramatically.

You can get DIY Waxing kits to wax from home for both Brazilian or Bikini but if you have never waxed before are best off to use a professional waxer in a salon or spa to avoid accidents!

5. It only takes 30 min

In about 30 minutes a skilled professional waxer will have the treatment done so it’s really like having your nails done in terms of time. Like your nails though you need treatments on a regular basis (every 4 – 6 weeks) as pubic hair re grows.

6. Pain

The pain is not as bad as many women think it will be – it’s tolerable for most women. Another point to keep in mind is, as you have more waxing treatments the pain level drops down, as your skin becomes used to the treatment.

7. It prepares you for

The Brazilian wax!

Many women want to go for the full Brazilian wax – which removes all the pubic hair, however the bikini wax is less extreme and if you have one, you can then get a taster of what’s in store when going for waxing Brazilian style!

What is there not to like about bikini waxing?

All women should consider it in light of the following:

It’s hygienic, sensual, liberating, its cheap to do and takes very little time.

It should be considered by all women and if you do have a bikini wax, not only will you love it your partner will to!


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